Selasa, 26 April 2016

2nd Concert ~ Narrative Speech

Assalamualaikum korang!!!! 
rinduuu rinduu rinduuu... huhuhuhu

k hari ni panda nk share dgn korang semua pasal 2nd concert kat IBI..
individu punya konsert..
ermm,, panda agak xsuke konsert nii sbb panda xpandai sangat laa nk wat speech bagaii nii..
lagi satu sbb kene buat sorang2 kan.. 
panda ni dah la cpt ketaq.. pastu xdok keyakinan diri.. 
hmmm,, hancuss laa konsert kali nii..

konsert kali nii ad audition.. 
setiap kelas akan ad 4 orang wakil untuk pegi final..
so, panda xde pon dalam salah satu list ke final tu.. hahahha
xpe,, lagi panda suka.. hehe

speech panda pasal "mom"
dy banyak theme.. kite sendiri yg pilih nk theme mana..
panda pilih theme : Excuse me while I keep on smiling..

nak share jugakk speech panda nii walaupon xdpt msok final.. 
hohoho kesah apa kann.. 
mayb speech panda nii klise and bosan tu yg xdpt msok final..

" Everyone knows that mother's love is the greatest in the world. When I see how my mother behaves towards my father, brothers, sisters and me, I am filled with pride. In everything that she does, there is a touch of love. Even when she washes the dishes, she make sure that they are clean, so that no one in her family will become ill. Futhermore, she never once complained about the things she had and the things she wished she had. Ten strong men physically could not out-match my mother's strenght mentally.

My mother's strength touches me the most because it has helped me to learn that if doesn't matter you can do. What matters is how you use the strength to get where you want to be. Though she sometimes scolds me, I know that she does so not because she is tired working all day for the happiness of the family, So I keep quiet while she expresses her anger, so that she may feel a little relieved. She loves her family is proved everyday.

When my yougest sister is very hungry late in the night and cries fo milk, she wake up at once to make for her, even if she is tired or ill. In the same way, she wakes up before all the others and goes to bed last, So thar everyone in the family can receive her care. If anyone in my family is ill, she is the one who is the most worrued. Such care and love no one in the world can give to me.

Since being far from house, I miss her coocking so much. My day is incomplete if do not get my mom cuisine. After I got 2 weeks holiday, I feel so happy. So, I decided to make a lisr of dishes for mom to cook especially my favourite dish "asam pedas" and "rendang ayam".

I arrived home, I smelled some flavor. When I opened the door, I saw "rendang ayam" on the dining table. I was so happt and my mom accomplish my wishes. She cooked with her love, she will always faufill her children wishes. My mom cook so delicious and i will very happy went eat it.

I was a spoiled child sometimes. I will ask my mom anything and she always give and treat me like a baby even I already adult. But, she always give advise for me to take care myself because getting older. I will always remember what she say. I will prove that even I am a spoiled child, I will make my mom proud of me one day. "

abaikan kesalahan grammar yg adoo tu.. heheh
bosan kan? cite klise sangat...
actually speech ni bukan sepenohnye panda buat.. 
sbb panda xpandai nk wat essay BI nii.. heheh,
tq kepada yg menolong..

okayy,, ni panda nak bgtau classmate panda yang dpt pegi final..
Nama dy Siti Maryam Binti Abu Bakar..
atau nama glamour dy lillyvander.. :XD:
Theme : This is my MUET story
Title : My MUET examination
time konsert ritu dy dapat tempat 1st Runner Up..
jom bace sinopsis speech dy nii..


" Its about my muet examination but more likely about my careless actually, hahahahaha. I got ready early that morning because I was so excited and confident to sit for it. But when I arrived, the school was as quiet as grave. Its creepy and I nearly got goosebumps. Its only 2 doubts either i'm the early bird or I am very late. When I met my teacher, she asked me, "Maryam, did you bring your examination slip?" oh my, I left it. I started shivered and felt stressed out! It was like there no blood in my body. As I entered my class, everybody was staring at me like I just killed someone! I couldnt do well for the examination as my hand keep on shaking non-stop like I am a parkinson. I felt very terrible because I failed to do my best to fullfilled my teacher's hope. She helped me a lot for muet especially to overcome my weakness in reading and listening. This all because of my careless for not rechecked the actuall time of the examination. Actually I thought it will begin at 8.30 a.m but no, it was 8 a.m. Even my teacher said it was okay but deep inside I knew she might be dissappointed with me even a little bit. But still I felt very teribble! "

Tahniahhh Maryam!!!
Haaa,, mcm mne?? best??
 jom tengok yg ni plak..
nama dy Mas Alia Binti Azman..
atau lebih dikenali dengan nama 
"Mas Comel Meletopppss" :crazy:
Theme : This is my MUET story
Title : The Sudden Change
Sayangnyee Mas just dpt Consolations je..
xpe lahh,, xde rezeki kan..
jom bace sinopsis speech mas..

Say Hi to Mas <3

" Do you like english language? So, do I.. I will be very excited when it comes to MUET class, in my speaking class I will be candidate C, my group always perfom in class and our teacher put a huge hope on me and friends. It make me more inspire to got a higher band. Do you ever feel the presence of third person destroy you life? I do. 
In the real examinations, there was a lady come to exam room and I wonder who is she.. Then the teacher said she it private candidate who will take her speaking exam with my group, omgee... 
I was so shocked! out of blue my position was changed! I be candidate A, Im really angry with that girl. Because of her presence, I cant do well in exam. I felt so bad and cannot face my teacher.
I got band 2 as a result. I cannot describe what I feel on that day.. at school I bumped into my teacher then she asked "What happened to you Mas?" Seriusly, deeply inside I broke. But Im prentend to be okay.. When enter class.. My friends wanna know about my result when I told them, they also shocked and thought I will higher band.. That was so heartbreaking!!
So, I take chance come to ALPHA COLLEGE and joined Intensive English Programme to experience the language for my future..
p/s : Dont be to confident and get ready with any possiblities.. "

Part of Narrative Speech Speakers with Mentor Bro Herry
haaaa,, dak Mas ni ada pesanan.. 
kalau nk Contact dy boleh laa cri dy kat..
Fb : Mas Alia Azman
Ig : Qu_Aleeya
Twitter : MasAlia96

Nama diberi Nor Azlin Maulat Hisamudin..
Nickname : Az @ Sir Lateff daughter.. hahaha
Theme : This is me and my story..
Title : I'm Adopt Daughter
Az pon dpt consolation jgk..
xpe laa bukan rezekii..
ni haa sinopsis dy.. jom baca..

Si Comel AZ
" My speech is about myself.. Who I'm?? came from?? About my biological and adopted parents.. and best memory I can create with my adopt parents, its because from I was still until now.. counting months to be 20 years old.. I stay with my lovelyadopted parents.. they give me all their love to me.. I was lucky because they taking care at me like their own daughter.. its because they unlucky to get own child.. and now.. I happy and gratefully to God because I have parents love me very much.. I love you both, mom and dad.. "

okayy,, budak class panda yang last dpt pegi final ni laki..
nama dy Muhammad Amirul Hafeez Bin Noor Asri..
orang panggil dy Hafeez or Creme De La Creme 
(bangga lewtuu dpt creme de la creme..hahaha) 
Theme : This is me and my story..
Title : Better Be Safe Than Sorry
Hafeez pon dapat consolation jgk..
tp cerita dy menarik.. jom bace sinopsis dy..

Hafeez time konsert
" My story begins with a guy who had became mat rempit after he joined street races with his friend..
and that guy is me..
He enjoyed racing only to fulfill his lust and to be known by his former street name.. "nano of Gerik"
He repent after the death of his best friend.. who first made him joined these bad activities.. his friend died in a race where he takes in part and bet on his friends..
Then he leaves everything behind to continue studies and started a business by opening a franchais of uncle bob's fried chicken...
BUT the memory of his dead friend keeps rewinding inside his mind like broken record.. "

Hafeez and the geng
okayy,, da hbis.. 
tp mesti xpuaskan.. sbb xdpt bce full speech dorang..
tp okay la kan.. dpt jgk tau jln cite dy sikit2..
Tahniah semua yang dapat masok final tu..
and double Tahniah untuk yang menang tu ye.. hihi

hope korang enjoy dgn entry kali nii..
nantikan next entry panda pasal next concert..!!

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